Community Development

Gospel-centered community development isn’t about any one cause. It’s about transforming a community by meeting the physical, spiritual, mental and emotional needs of the people.

Occupational Ministry Sites are locations where we do occupationally specific ministry that correlates with career, academic, or person interests of the participant.  By working alongside our full-time missionary staff in these focused environments – such as dentistry, agriculture, and micro-finance – our short-term participants are able to come together cross-culturally to encounter God, share the Good News, disciple and serve the poor.

Students International in Santiago serves the communities through 7 Ministry Sites.


The Agriculture Site works on a 5-acre farm near Santiago, in the community of Quinigua, where tropical fruits are grown in abundance, including avocados, passion fruit, and papaya. In addition, rabbits and pigs are raised. The vision is to build relationships and share the gospel with the local people through agricultural training and business.

Appropiate Technology

The Appropriate Technology Site uses simple forms of technology to help people in poor communities to better their health and save money. We build and sell bio-sand water filters. The filters help to reduce waterborne diseases and thus reduce their need to stay home sick or go see a doctor. We use this tool to help provide opportunities for the poor and also build relationships so that we might share the gospel with them.

Health Care

The Health Care division operates two clinics: one located in the community of Cienfuegos and another one in the community of Quinigua. In addition to regularly scheduled medical clinics, the clinics also help to educate people on healthcare, nutrition, baby care, personal hygiene, and other health-related issues.


The Pre-school Site caters to 4 and 5-year-olds, as they prepare to start public school. The Site is located in a built-up area of Cienfuegos, between the Medical and Sports Sites, in a building loaned to the site by a local church. Officially opened to receive pre-schoolers in May 2018.

Social Work

The Social Work Site in Santiago builds unity among women and teenage girls through home visits, Bible study, craft projects, and various other activities. Most women in the Site come because of brokenness, abuse, or neglect in their home. By teaching biblical principles concerning self-confidence, responsibility, sexual purity, wise decision-making, and character development, women’s lives are transformed.


The purpose of this Site is to use sports, particularly baseball, as a way to develop relationships with the young men and boys through which the Gospel can effectively be communicated. Although the site typically concentrates on baseball, it can include basketball and soccer. Daily Bible studies and home visits contribute to achieving the goal of changing lives.