How the environment might limit your potential

Emelina is one of the associates of MiBanco La Esperanza, in the community of Los Higos. Emelina is 22 years old, is married, has two sons and she joined Microfinance two years ago.

Emelina is a skilled woman with an awesome talent for sewing. Thanks to her work manufacturing purses, she has been able to pay for the construction of her house. Emelina is involved in the whole process: from design to creation and selling the final product.

Emelina has an incredible potential but the environment (the community of Los Higos) is greatly limiting the development of her skills and the potential of her business. Los Higos is one of the poorest communities in Jarabacoa, located far from the center of economic activity and has uncomfortable roads, which make it really hard for women like Emelina to develop their potential.

IMG_20160602_174213627-COLLAGEEmelina has shown to be committed to improving her situation and she has the talent to achieve her goals. From Microfinance, we want to push Emelina to lead a new project that uses her talent with hand-made products like purses to make other fabric made accessories.

Emelina’s story is one of hope and an example of fighting and overcoming against the limitations of your environment.

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God bless you¡

Alvaro & Raquel

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