After five years…


Carol joined Microfinance (MF) 5 years ago when  MiBanco La Fe was set up in the community of Buenos Aires (Jarabacoa).

Carol and her husband (Alex) were the owners of a small butcher shop named Carnicería la Callecita, and they were facing the normal difficulties that all small business owners face.

Initially, MF gave Carol and Alex the necessary funds to properly capitalize their business. Years later another loan was given to buy a small truck to offer delivery service.

During these years the business has grown and consolidated. With the aim of reaching more clients, they decided to move the business from the rural community of Buenos Aires to downtown Jarabacoa. Today they are serving some of the biggest clients in the city, including several public schools.

Carnicería la Callecita keeps growing thanks to the hard work and good management of Carol and Alex.

They recently asked MF for a new loan to buy a bigger truck. We are more than happy to keep investing in the businesses of Jarabacoa and the life of its owners. May God keep blessing Carnicería la Callecita.

If you are interested in knowing more about our work, please go to the Facts and the Microfinance pages for some insight of what Microfinance is about and interesting information of the country where we are.

If you want to join the team, go to the Donate section.

God bless you¡

Alvaro & Raquel

Microfinance. Gospel


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