Helping Chabela develop her beauty salon

One of our goals within the Microfinance team is to help our associates to develop their businesses and improve their standards of living.

Chabela, the owner of a small business in the community of Hatillo, has grown up from scratch a successful beauty salon. Hard work and the accompaniment of the Microfinance team have been the receipt for success.

Chabela started the business a few years ago with a borrowed blower. Several small loans from Microfinance helped her to invest in small equipment to improve the service offered at the salon, which since now had been located in a small room of her house.

In January 2016, a new loan, the biggest she has received as a Microfinance associate, has helped her accomplish a long time dream: to move the salon out of her house. Improve client experience and a greater intimacy level for Chabela and her daughter were her goals.

Last week, jointly with a group of students from California, we helped Chabela painting the salon.

It makes us really happy and thankful to the Lord to be part of what is going on these communities.

If you are interested in knowing more about our work, please go to the Facts page for information about the Dominican Republic and to the Microfinance page for some insight of what Microfinance is about.

If you want to join the team, simply click the Donate section.

We are waiting for you¡


Alvaro and Raquel

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