All-included insurance policy


Life is not always easy, and managing a business is not an exception.

Carmelo has been part of the Microfinance family for the last 5 years.

He is engaged in agriculture and sows, among others, corn, pepper, and strawberry depending on the season and market conditions.

Last harvests have been quite poor due to several plagues, which is one of the major risks agriculture businesses face.

That affected the financial position of Carmelo and his business. However, even in the midst of adversity, Carmelo has honored his commitments and has been honest with the situation.

Honesty and faithfulness are values that are not easy to find, but when you practice them, they really pay off.

Carmelo wants to diversify his sources of income as a way to improve his quality life in the future. That’s why he has recently started a new business: a convenience store.

Once again Carmelo has asked for the help from Microfinance and we are more than glad to support  Carmelo in this venture.

We know that things aren’t always easy and that all businesses come with risks, some of them difficult to foresee. But you can trust those who practice honesty and loyalty. If we were to buy an insurance to cover the risks of our loans, we would pay the premium for an “honesty” all-included insurance policy.

If you are interested in knowing more about our work, please go to the Facts and the Microfinance pages for some insight of what Microfinance is about and interesting information of the country where we are.

If you want to join the team, go to the Donate section.

We are waiting for you¡


Alvaro and Raquel

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