Celebrating Together

All the nations that have been influenced by Christianity have something in common: December is a month for celebration. Companies celebrate the successes of the year, families share memories around the table and communities remember those that passed. However, too often we forget what the real reason for celebration is: the incarnation of God. Unfortunately, we’ve made of this season something remarkable from the outside but somehow empty when looking into the inside. The Dominican is not an exception, and in relative terms, is as exposed to consumption as any other country in the developed world is.

In Microfinance (MF) we take our faith seriously: Jesus is the one who inspires us to leave the comfort of our countries, to invest in those that the rest of the world simply forgot.

Last week we celebrated Christmas with the MF community, and 60 women from the poor communities joined us. There were games and gifts, food and raffles (including the head of a pork¡ – something very appreciated here). But we would be missing something if we did not share with them what truly inspire us and keep us working alongside them. This is the reason because the center of the celebration was around worshiping together and sharing the Gospel.

We did our part to move the center of gravity from the outside to the inside.

Would you join us?.

Love & Blessings,

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