From Tiva

This post comes in the form of a letter from one of our associates. We hope you will enjoy the testimony of one of the women Microfinance (MF) serves:

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-21 at 12.13.36 PM“My name is Tiva, I was born 70 years ago and I’ve been married for 56 years. I have ten children, twelve grandchildren, and two grand-grandchildren. I live in Sabaneta, one of the communities of Jarabacoa.

As you can imagine, my life has not been easy. Living in the poor communities is challenging, and I have had to work hard, alongside with my husband, to raise my children and support my family. I have learned to be strong in the middle of financial, social and emotional adversity while keeping my core values: faith in God, the importance of family, and working with honesty and responsibility.

It has been now four years since MF came to the community of Sabaneta. At that time, I had a small convenience store that helped me support my family while my husband had his normal job.

MF loans have helped me to buy in bulk, get better prices, improve profitability and capitalize the business.”

It has been a pleasure to know and help Tiva in this process, and we are thankful to the Lord for the values that she represents in the community.

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