More than money

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Most of the countries celebrate mothers’ day in May. The Dominican Republic is not an exception.

95% of our associates are women, and a large portion of them are mothers too, so we organize a celebration around this important festivity every year to celebrate the role that women and mothers play in our society. In the Dominican culture, women are the cornerstone of each family: they are the foundation of the whole family structure.

We wanted to give them a day off, a day of rest where they can be in community with each other, a day without stress, a day without thinking about cooking or cleaning. This was a day where they had the chance to move outside their daily boundaries to visit a new place and to have fellowship with those that share their daily struggles.

We took them to Nagua, a beautiful place located four hours away to the north coast of the island. The time and effort to get there paid off, and the women enjoyed an amazing day of fellowship and experienced the beauty of God’s creation.

Our slogan is “I am third, Microfinance is much more than money. This trip was an excellent opportunity to show them that our interest in them is well above the money and that we are truly interested in their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

For the MF team, it was such a joy to celebrate the role of women and mothers in a culture that it is hostile to their development and independence. Seeing their smile is the best reward that we can get for our service in the communities.

These are the Microfinance we love.

God bless,

Raquel & Alvaro

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