Flying on her own again


The story of most of our associates is similar in the sense that they share the same culture, but their social and family structures are also very similar.

Those same social structures sometimes make it difficult for businesses to last over time, and this is the reason why our associates tend to have an extended list of businesses that have been founded and failed during their life.

If you think twice, this situation is not that different when compared to the entrepreneurship experience around the globe: most of the projects of today’s world-known entrepreneurs have been successful only after having significant previous failures.

This is the story of Fifa: after a tough family and financial situation, she is doing her best to step-up and take control of her life again. She has set-up a small food business at home to serve the needs of her community. Fifa has asked Microfinance to help her to fund this new business. It is our hope that this new project will help her to fly on her own again.

Fifa is a family woman, good friend, excellent neighbor and always ready to help those in need. We admire Fifa because of her strength: she is totally committed to making this new business succeed. She is a warrior who is always ready to fight the difficulties of life, and we want to support her in this process.

It makes us very happy to be able to help Fifa and those other women that are fighting for their lives as well.

These are the Microfinance we love.

God bless,

Raquel & Alvaro


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