Bringing order into our lives

Once a year we organize our Microfinance (MF) retreat, an excellent opportunity to spend time with our associates and invest in their development, both from a physical and spiritual perspective. This time we wanted to share about how to bring order into our lives, and we invited two well-known community leaders.

Ivelisse Barbosa, wife of a pastor, and teacher was in charge of Friday’s training session. She addressed the issue of living an orderly life. Building on biblical principles, we were challenged to find our role in the family, and our place in the world, all in a dynamic, instructive and fun way.

Maribel Abreu, a successful local businesswoman, was in charge of Saturday’s conference. Again we talked about the need to bring order in our lives, but this time, from a financial perspective. Maribel shared with our associates the challenges that she herself experienced as an entrepreneur and offered excellent strategies to bring order to the finances of our businesses.

Beyond the formative part, we were able to enjoy a paradisiacal environment in our beloved Jarabacoa and an excellent Dominican food.

Keep investing in the development of our associates.

Alvaro & Raquel


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