From Ramona’s colmado

A spoon banged against a pot at the “colmado” window situated on the dirt road in front of Ramona’s house.  At the signal, Ramona gets up from the table again for what seemed like the 10th time since we sat down with her to have a cup of coffee.  Her thin, muscular legs tell the tale of her busy life as the scurries back and forth from the small convenience store business to her house.  From the stove, an aroma of a noonday meal rises as she juggles her business, visitors, and family life.

Ramona was the very first woman to become a part of the microfinance program. That was nine years ago.  Since then she became the first coordinator, the person to connect and communicate the microfinance office to the community.  As a hard worker, and a quick learner, possessing an entrepreneur spirit, it is no wonder she has become a leader in her community.

Where she had once lived in a crumbling down, dilapidating house, she was able to save enough through microfinance to buy a new house in a better location.  Today, also because of the microfinance program, she has a received a loan to build a stronger, sturdier, cinderblock home connected to her “colmado”, her main source of income.

Ramona’s whole story has brought her through incredible trials and hardships but has also celebrated some great miracles.  The greatest of these miracles brought her into a relationship with Jesus Christ through the microfinance ministry.  Today she shares Jesus’ love with her community and customers as they come to buy daily necessities from her “colmado”.

Microfinance. Gospel.


Alvaro & Raquel



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